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Craig Black, Vice President

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Craig Black and I’m overjoyed to serve as the Vice President for North Texas Pop Warner.


My Pop Warner career started in 1996 with the Oak Cliff 49er’s where I held the positions of an Asst. Coach, Head Coach and Asst. Athletic Director. My children were also involved in the program which is one of the many reasons I hold the organization so dear. In 1998, we transitioned from the  Oak Cliff 49er’s and joined the St. Philip’s Saints organization in which I served as an Asst. Coach and Asst. Athletic Director until the end of the 2015 season.


After being voted as the Vice President for North Texas Pop Warner in 2016, I pledged to uphold a high standard when it comes to implementing the local, regional and national bylaws and rules.


We (The NTX Nation) welcome all children to participate in Pop Warner where our goal is to recognize the academic achievements of our Little Scholars in addition to their accomplishments on the field.



You can't win unless you learn how to lose.

                                  - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Charmain Coit-Lewis, LCDC


Hello, I am Charmain Coit-Lewis and I have the pleasure of being the League Cheer and Dance Coordinator (LCDC) for North Texas. I have been apart of North Texas Pop Warner since 1988. I have served many positions over the years while being in North Texas and taking on a position with the Southwest Region. I am VERY passionate about this sport, as I was a cheerleader growing up.  This will be my first year as the LCDC. I STRONGLY believe in building, leadership, relationships, mentoring,and educating our youth. Nurturing their dreams to help them fulfil their goals in life and be the best they can be. I am married with four sons that has played in North Texas. I also have two wonderful grandchildren that I love and adore.

My motto is "Alone We Stand, Together We Are Brilliant"

CFO (Position Open)


CFO Position Available

 Exceutive Assistant (Position Open)


Executive Assistant Position Available

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